The Tideway 10 and Tideway 14

The name Tideway was adopted by the Tideway Owners’ Association as the class name to be used for the 12′ clinker, gunter rig sailing dinghy built by Lew Walker.  Two other Walker sailing dinghies, the 10′ and the 14′, have continued to be built alongside the Tideway and have become known as the Tideway 10 and the Tideway 14. 

Like the Tideway, the 10′ and 14′ boats are traditional in appearance and boats you sit in rather than on.  Unlike the Tideway, the 10′ and 14′ boats are not a recognised RYA class but owners of these boats are welcome to join the TOA and to attend meetings with their boats.

The Tideway 10

Alongside the 12 foot boats Lew Walker built a 10′ clinker gunter rig sloop.  Early boats are advertised as canadian spruce on oak with mahogany topstrakes, garboards, transoms , swimheads, centrecases and rudders. Relatively few are known to exist and it is much rarer than the 12′ boat.  In the 1990s it was developed as a GRP boat and became known as the Tideway 10 although there are some differences in hull and rigging between the GRP and wooden boats. 

Although it can carry a crew, the 10 is more often sailed single handed.  With advancing years, a number of Tideway sailors have downsized to the 10 mainly because it weighs around 40% less and consequently is easier to launch and recover singlehanded.  Most recent GRP Tideway 10s have been built with a single lug sail although a few have a gunter mainsail and jib. 

Length – 10′ 2 ” (3.1m)

Beam – 4′ 10″ (1.48m)
Sail Area – 49 sq ft – single lugsail or 58 sq ft gunter mainsail and jib
Draft – 5″ Plate Up / 2′ 3 ” Plate Down
Weight – 165 lb (75 Kg) with lugsail 198 lb (90 Kg) with gunter rig
(These are for the GRP boat, wooden boats will vary)

The Tideway 14

Again the 14′ boat was originally built in mahogany and oak by Lew Walker.  Like the 10′ boat it started to be built in GRP in the 1990s and became known as the Tideway 14.  The Tideway 14 is ideal for family sailing and with her wider beam and greater length can carry 4-6 adults.  Whilst she can be sailed single handed, the greater weight of the Tideway 14 (circa 215kg) means a car or additional help is generally needed to launch or recover her.  Many Tideway 14s have been kept on a mooring. Although capable of being rowed, single or double handed, where auxiliary power is needed, an outboard is commonly used.

Length – 14′ 0 ” (4.27m)

Beam – 5′ 10″ (1.77m)
Sail Area – 106 sq ft – gunter mainsail and jib
Draft – 8″ Plate Up / 3′ 6 ” Plate Down
Weight – 475 lb (215 Kg)
(These are for the GRP boat, wooden boats will vary)

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