TOA Inclusivity Policy

Membership of the TOA is open to all owners of a Tideway, or a Tideway 14 or Tideway 10, and to anyone interested in supporting the Tideway Class.  The TOA endeavours to promote inclusivity and enhance the welcoming atmosphere in the Association,  taking into account Royal Yachting Association (RYA) guidance:

Facilities at meetings are dependent on the host venue, typically a sailing club, marina, or water sports centre.

The Committee welcome requests from Tideway owners wishing to attend meetings with boats modified to facilitate a disability or to assist physically challenged crew. Added assurance may be gained by carrying an outboard motor.

The RYA note: ‘A good approach with any new member who doesn’t already have friends [in the Association] is to ask an existing member to act as their ‘mentor’ for a while, to show them round and introduce them to other people.’ Meeting organisers would be happy to arrange a mentor for new members.

 Please also contact the meeting organiser or Committee meeting co-ordinator or use the “contact us” form if you want to discuss any aspect of the meetings.

Any concerns regarding discrimination, harassment or inappropriate language should be raised with the meeting organiser, TOA meeting co-ordinator, or Chairman of the TOA. Such behaviour will not be tolerated within the TOA.

Some members join the TOA with many years sailing experience, some are new to sailing and all are welcome. It is recommended that people new to sailing should undertake some advance training; guidance and courses are available from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

Our aim is to ensure that the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the TOA is available to all of society.

11th February 2021